Teenage Girls

Teenage girls

Maybe you’ve had your periods for some time, or maybe you’re still waiting for your first. They are an important part of your cycles, and central to your health. So much so, that some gynaecologists* call them a “vital” sign, like your heartbeat or your breathing. Caring for your cycles helps you to be healthy.

You may have found that the diagrams and explanations about the cycle don’t seem to fit how your own body works. One reason is because the cycles of a developing teenager take a while to settle into the cycles of a fully mature woman. While this is happening, it is common for some girls get pain, mood swings, unusual bleeding and cycles that are “all over the place”. It can be a lot to manage.

My Vital Cycles™ aims to tune you into the secrets of your own cycle. The skills that you can learn are useful for the next 40 even 50 years of your life. The program also gives practical tips to manage common difficulties, and how to talk with a healthcare professional if needed.

* Doctors who specialise in the female reproductive system.

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