What makes My Vital Cycles™ different?

It is mapped to the Australian Curriculum

As applied to the Australian Health Curriculum for Years 9-10, My Vital Cycles™ gives students a solid grounding in the understanding and skills that strengthen their self-awareness and a positive outlook. This is necessary to build and manage respectful relationships, challenge stereotypes, and setting goals for wellbeing. These include habits around nutrition and physical activity to achieve ovulatory-menstrual health.

As applied to the Australian Science Curriculum for Years 7-10, My Vital Cycles™ introduces students to the processes and structures supporting body systems.  Ovulatory-menstrual science empirically answers questions about the biology of the cycle, and how it practically applies to life. By Year 10, students will have progressed to skills that help them to make observations and describe ovulatory-menstrual cyclic patterns of similarity and difference.

Australian Curriculum